"Grown Up Faith" Series

Sunday, Sept 24: "The Ephesus in All of Us" (Acts 19)

"Get in the Game" Series

Sunday, Sept 16: "Compassion Sunday" (Matthew 25)

Sunday, Sept 10: "The Elements" (Colossians 2)

Sunday, Sept 3: "The Play" (Colossians 3)

Sunday, Aug 20: "Get In The Game!" (Colossians 3)

Revelation Series

Sunday, July 23: "The Great Witness of Heaven" (Revelation 7)

Sunday, July 29: "Count on It" (Revelation 11)               

Sunday, Aug 6: "The Mysterious Fate of the Wrath of God" (Revelation 18)               

Sunday, Aug 13: "The End of the End" (Revelation 21)