A Father's Heart

Chris Harrison is one of our Real Life dads.  Recently, he had the chance to pray a life-changing prayer with his two boys.  If you're a parent who wants to lead your kids to make a decision to follow Jesus, I hope his story is a guide and an inspiration for you. - Pastor Jim



I was taking my two boys (6 years old and 3 years old) home from dinner. We were listening to Air One radio (100.7) and the radio host was talking in between songs about accepting Jesus into your heart and the meaning of that. My boys started telling me that Jesus was in their heart, but they had never really asked. They thought he was just there already. I had a pretty fun conversation in regards to this and told them that we would continue to talk about it right before bed. At bed time, we talked about asking Jesus to come live inside your heart. I let each of them ask for themselves, and my heart absolutely was full as I heard my 3 and 6 year olds ask “Dear Jesus. Please come and live inside of my heart forever. I love you, Jesus.”

As a father, you have those moments that you will never forget. This is absolutely one of those moments.

- Chris Harrison