Connect, Download, Share

Churches have core values, key purposes that make them do what they do.  Here at Real Life, what we do can be summarized by three ideas and images.




We're here to connect with Jesus.  Everything we do is about connecting ourselves and our friends to Jesus.  We invite people in, we share our faith out, and we pray for anyone who will receive it.







We want to download the gospel into our hearts and lives.  We immerse ourselves in God's word so that it penetrates into everything that we do.  That means we worship together weekly and gather in homes to study the Bible together.






We share what we have with a lost world.  God's blessings to us are not for us to hoard or hold onto.  We take up our crosses and give up our lives in the name of compassion.


In Jesus Christ, we worship a God who came to connect with us, who spent three years downloading his message into a small band of disciples would would change the world, and then sent them out to share with people who were far from God.  All for him!