Doing the Bible

It's a pretty radical thing when you stop talking about reading the Bible and learning the Bible and start talking about doing the Bible.

Pastor Francis Chan asks what it would be like if when he told his daughter to go clean her room, she treated it the way Christians treat Jesus' commands.  Can you imagine her coming back to her father and saying to him, "You remember what you told me to do?  I memorized it.  I can even say it in Greek." But although she has memorized it, she still hasn't cleaned her room.

In the same way we take Jesus' commands and commit them to our hearts but not to our feet.

So as a group of Real Lifers read the book of Acts together on Tuesday night, we've decided to do the Bible rather than just reading it.

Week 1 was about Jesus' sending his disciples to all corners of the world.  So our homework assignment was to talk to someone we didn't know about Jesus.  I wasn't sure people would follow through, but...Wow!  They talked to people at work, people in the grocery line, even a repairman who couldn't get away.  This week, week 2, we read about the Holy Spirit.  So instead of just studying the Greek words, we prayed for the Holy Spirit.  As we prayed, one person said, "I think God is telling us to pray for someone here who is having trouble gripping things with their left it's not as strong as their right hand."  Someone with a surprised look on his face across the room said, "That's me!" So we prayed for miracles together instead of just memorizing verses.

I'm a little worried about what will happen over the next few weeks...I've read Acts.

And we still have an empty chair if you want to join us, Azusa Pacific University's East Campus, Wilden 228, Tuesday nights at 7pm.