We’re so excited that you are interested in visiting Real Life! Checking out a church for the first time can be intimidating or confusing, so it’s our goal to make your first-time experience at Real Life as easy and hassle-free as possible. We've put together a bit of information here for you about where to park, how to drop off your kids, what the worship experience is like and how to get connected. We look forward to seeing you "real" soon.


We have two services that meet at 9:00 and 10:30am on Sunday mornings at Sandburg Middle School in Glendora. The address is 819 West Bennett Ave., Glendora, CA 91741.


Whatever you want! We welcome jeans, t-shirts, bow-ties, baseball uniforms, hipsters…well, you get the idea. You’ll see a few folks dressed up; you’ll find a lot of folks dressed pretty casually. We truly encourage everyone to come as you are!


When you pull into the parking lot, park anywhere you’d like. If the lot is full, there is plenty of street parking nearby. We have a shuttle from the main parking lot to the patio for those needing some assistance.  The building is ADA accessible and there are designated handicapped parking spaces.

Once you walk up the ramp to the patio, you’ll find a table with donuts and coffee, as well as plenty of friendly people welcoming you to Real Life Church.

The main church service takes place in the gym. As you enter, you’ll be welcomed by one of our awesome greeters and handed a bulletin. Grab a seat anywhere you’d like. We do have chairs available on the gym floor, as well as bleacher seating, so you may want to bring a cushion from home. 


First things first, you won't be pointed out or made to feel uncomfortable in any way. You will have a meaningful, stress-free experience... and you may even have some fun!

Each service is about 60 minutes. We usually begin the service by singing some worship music led by our band. We'll have the song lyrics on the screen, so you can sing as much or as little as you feel comfortable! After a few songs and a prayer, one of our leaders will welcome everyone and mention a few upcoming announcements. After that, we invite all kids (Kindergarten-8th grade) to make their way out to the patio where our kids leaders will take them to their respective classes. If you have kids and would like to accompany them to their class at this point, feel free to do so.

After announcements, we usually sing one more song, receive the offering, and then jump into the day’s teaching. Each message/sermon is about 20-25 minutes long and digs into the scriptures in a way that is engaging, eye-opening, challenging yet non-judgmental, and applicable to everyday life. After the teaching, we’ll generally sing a final song and dismiss.  There are people available to pray with you after the service if you'd like. FYI... we do offer Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Communion takes place immediately following the sermon. 


We LOVE kids at Real Life LA, and have full programming at both services. For the little ones, we offer a nursery and preschool classrooms. For children (K-5th grade) and middle school students (6th-8th grade), we have programming at both services. We have a trained team of Real Life | Kids leaders who work hard to create a fun, safe, interactive, and loving environment. Your child will want to come back every week! 


All ages, birth thru 8th grade, check-in at the iPads in front of the gym upon arrival.

Infants through preschoolers may be dropped off as early as 15 minutes before the services begins (directly in their classrooms). Check in takes place on the patio, and our team at the check-in tables will direct you toward the appropriate classroom for your child. You will receive a name tag for yourself, a nametag for your child, and a claim "ticket" for your child that you will need for pick up. If you have a diaper bag, our volunteers can print a tag for that too! 

Kindergarten - 5th graders may be checked in on the patio iPads. We will give them a name tag, and you'll also receive a "claim ticket" to pick them up after the service. Then just proceed into the service with families, and we'll dismiss all kids after about two songs (during announcements). 

6th - 8th graders (Middle School) may be checked in on the patio iPads. Then just proceed into the service with your family, and we'll dismiss all kids after about two songs (during announcements). Upon dismissal, just meet us on the patio opposite the check-in table, and we’ll walk over to the library together.


Infants through Preschool: Parents are asked to sign out babies and preschoolers from their classroom immediately following the service.

K - 5th Graders: Parents are asked to sign out K-5th graders immediately following the service from the Elementary Room located in the cafeteria (directly east of the gym).  

6th - 8th Graders: Student Ministry leaders dismiss middle schoolers from the Library, and students will meet their families on the patio immediately following service. 


Was there something we forgot? Feel free to email us at info@reallife.la. See you soon!