Membership Covenant

As a member of Real Life LA…

1.  I affirm that I believe in Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.  I have either been baptized or I am ready to be baptized.

2.  I will seek to surrender my whole life to God, listening to his call and obeying his word.

3.  I will share the love of Jesus with a lost world, inviting people into a relationship with God.

4.  I will encourage, build up, and support other members of Real Life and the whole body itself.

5.  I will regularly participate in the worship and ministries of the church.

6.  I will support Real Life with my service and my resources to forward the kingdom of heaven on earth.

7.  I now commit to taking a next step of joining a small group and serving on a ministry team.

8.  I understand that my membership in Real Life Church will be renewed annually. 






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