A New Year's Resolution

A New Year's Resolution

When I was younger, I remember trying to make New Year’s resolutions. I quickly learned that I was the resolution-making type--but the resolution-keeping type...not so much. So, for much of my adult life, I refused to make New Year’s resolutions because they only served as blatant reminders of my impending failure and general ineptness at being Someone Who Has All Her Stuff Together.

As I grew older, I had a change of heart...

2017 Comes to a Close


Real Life News

Real Lifers,

Good news!  We're rounding out our first full calendar year together as a church!  Already our one year old church has baptized three dozen people, witnessed the miracles of God at work, watched our church family grow through new guests and new births, and impacted our community generously.  

RLLA 20170416_100521.jpg

Right now, we are:

• sending Christmas gifts to children all over the world 

• feeding the homeless as we head into the winter months

• welcoming over a hundred kids to our weekly children's and student ministries

• gathering in a dozen small groups from Monrovia to Claremont

• experiencing weekly worship that continues to welcome people who have never followed Jesus before

• blessing church members in need through our newly established Care Fund

Just this week, a friend of mine who previously didn't go to church described himself as "new to Jesus" and referred to Real Life as "our church!"  Good news!

RLLA 20170129_101748.jpg

But we still need help!

In the midst of our ministries, there are structures being built.  Our staff of 7 is about to grow to 9.  Sandburg is assessing sample chairs so that we can upgrade the school.  We're hosting our first adult class in November and expanding our ministries with senior adults.

As we approach the end of the year, please prayerfully consider Real Life in your year-end giving.  We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, so all of your donations to the church are tax deductible, and we are equipped to receive gifts by check, online, or in gifts of stock.  For more information, contact accounting@reallife.la.  It's only through your generosity and God's grace that we maintain a vibrant community of faith in our neighborhood.

As always, keep the church in prayer.  God is on the move!

Pastor Jim

Connect, Download, Share

Churches have core values, key purposes that make them do what they do.  Here at Real Life, what we do can be summarized by three ideas and images.




We're here to connect with Jesus.  Everything we do is about connecting ourselves and our friends to Jesus.  We invite people in, we share our faith out, and we pray for anyone who will receive it.







We want to download the gospel into our hearts and lives.  We immerse ourselves in God's word so that it penetrates into everything that we do.  That means we worship together weekly and gather in homes to study the Bible together.






We share what we have with a lost world.  God's blessings to us are not for us to hoard or hold onto.  We take up our crosses and give up our lives in the name of compassion.


In Jesus Christ, we worship a God who came to connect with us, who spent three years downloading his message into a small band of disciples would would change the world, and then sent them out to share with people who were far from God.  All for him!